We create unforgettable learning experiences.

Why have 500,000 people spent an average of 56 minutes learning with us?

The ideal learning experience needs great content, sound pedagogy, and a quality delivery platform. At The Big Know, our proven learning model delivers on all three.

Foundation of self-efficacy

Our approach to content is heavily rooted in self-efficacy. Every course communicates a positive, encouraging message of belief in the learner’s ability to achieve the change he or she seeks, and to show them that the power to change is in their hands.

Thoughtfully designed. Expertly sequenced.

The art of teaching is all about organizing information in inspired ways. That’s why our learning designers craft every course to be the perfect mix of entertaining videos, brain-tingling exercises, thoughtful discussions, and useful resources to ensure people walk away smarter, more fulfilled and confident in their actions.

    Not passive consumption. Active learning.

    This is about more than binge-watching. Our experiences create focused and active engagement by providing tools and content that allow people to process, practice, discuss and apply what they’re learning.

    All of us are smarter than any one of us

    A smart teacher is important, but so too is finding ways to draw from the collective wisdom of the community. Our discussions do that in a big way.

    Take a look at our platform to see how we’re bringing our learning model to life.