We are The Big Know

Don Smithmier
Founder & CEO

When we created The Big Know, I knew the vision was audacious. We aim to turn the world’s best organizations into unforgettable teachers. And accomplishing such a thing requires a caliber of talent that is…well…Big! That’s why I’m so proud to introduce you to our Board of Directors and team. We’ve assembled a unique combination of visionary marketers, world-class business leaders, accomplished learning designers, technology mavens, and makers of stunning creative – each and every one equal to the ambition of our dreams.

Meet the board of directors

23 people, 1 gnome

  • Brady Anderson
  • Tony Bangert
    Business Development
  • Alex Brown
    Marketing & Analytics
  • Tanya Bulyshkina
  • DauNae Clark
    Account Services
  • Paul Conigliaro
    Content Production
  • Paul Feiner
    Marketing & Analytics
  • Allison Gage
  • The Big Gnome
  • Tom Godfrey
    Instructional Design
  • Rodion Grishaev
  • Nick Grysimov
  • Joseph Kueffler
    Design & Creative
  • Nate Matson
    Instructional Design
  • Marine Melin-Johnson
    Marketing & Analytics
  • Scott Miller
  • Adam Ramerth
    Design & Creative
  • Vasiliy Shauchenka
  • Dan Wanek
  • AJ Weydt
    Design & Creative

“Customers see UnitedHealthcare as a company that pays claims and writes checks, but we have a broader interest in the health and well-being of our members, so The Big Know was a natural extension.”

Bart Reed
Vice President of Brand, UnitedHealth Group

Why branded education? It’s a simple question with a big answer (and even bigger results).

Explore the Benefits of Branded Ed.